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How to DIY Your Own Reusable Vacuum Cleaner Bag

In a world where convenience often clashes with eco-friendliness, the quest for sustainable alternatives intensifies. The ubiquitous vacuum cleaner, a household hero, isn’t exempt from this dilemma. Enter the DIY solution – crafting your own reusable vacuum cleaner bag. Bid farewell to the constant stream of disposable bags cluttering landfills, and embrace a cost-effective, environmentally conscious approach. Here’s our comprehensive guide to creating your very own reusable vacuum bag.

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What Can You Use Instead of a Vacuum Cleaner Bag?

The journey to a DIY vacuum bag begins with the materials. Say goodbye to the cycle of disposable paper bags, and welcome the era of reusability. Opt for lightweight woven fabric, perhaps an old t-shirt, or non-woven fabric from a reusable shopping bag. Even heavy brown paper bags can be repurposed, but keep in mind their one-time use limitation.

Tip: For those yearning for a bag-free vacuum experience, we’ve tested and approved cordless stick vacuums in our Lab that deliver a hassle-free cleaning experience.

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How to DIY a Reusable Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Step #1: Make a Template

Start with a disposable vacuum bag as your template. Unfold it, cut it open to lay flat, forming a rectangular guide for your washable, reusable bag.

Step #2: Cut Out the Fabric Vacuum Bag

Using your chosen fabric, cut away any seams, buttons, or straps, ensuring a single thickness. Lay it flat, place the paper vacuum bag template on it, and cut around, adding two inches to every side for sewing.

Step #3: Create a Drawstring Closure and Sew the Bag

Fold one of the shorter sides of the fabric up by ½ inch to create a hem. Pin and sew it in place. Attach a safety pin to a cord or shoestring, thread it through the hem, securing the loose ends. Fold the fabric in half, stitch to form a tube, and turn it right side out.

Fold over the end without the drawstring, pin, and sew it closed.

Step #5: Insert the Reusable Bag in the Vacuum

Open the canister or outer bag of your vacuum, slip a rubber gasket around the circular intake hole, and attach the reusable bag by tying the drawstring. Ensure a secure fit with a slipknot for easy removal and emptying.

Best Tips for Making Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Bags

  1. Create Two Bags: Always have a clean one on hand.
  2. Regularly Empty the Bag: Use the drawstring opening and wash when dust-laden.
  3. Care for Nonwoven Material: Handwash in warm water, while cotton bags can be handwashed or tossed in with regular laundry.

Crafting your reusable vacuum bag not only benefits the environment but also your wallet. Embrace the DIY spirit, reduce waste, and keep your space clean effortlessly. Happy vacuuming! 🌿🔍

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