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August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Do you want pretty flowers in your garden in August? Peonies are beautiful flowers that bloom again and again. August is the best time to plant ever-blooming peony plants.

What are Peonies?

peonies-819x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Peonies are perennial flowers. Perennial means they live more than two years. Regular peonies only bloom for a few weeks in spring. But ever-blooming peonies will bloom again in late summer and fall!

Peonies have big, lush flowers in pink, red, white or yellow. The flowers have many layers of fat, silky petals. Peonies can grow quite large, up to 3 feet tall! The plants have attractive green, ferny foliage too.

Why Plant Peonies in August?

August is the ideal time to plant peony roots. Peonies need time to grow some roots before winter. If planted in August, they will be ready to bloom the following summer!

Peony roots are the underground tubers or stems of the plant. They store food over the winter. In spring, eyes or growth buds on the roots sprout new green shoots above ground.

Planting peony roots in August gives them a chance to get established before the ground freezes. If you wait until spring, they won’t bloom well that first year.

Where to Plant Peonies

Peonies need full sun to bloom well. Pick a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. Morning sun is best.

Give peonies fertile, well-drained soil. They don’t like soggy wet soil. Add compost or manure to improve drainage.

Peonies have long taproots. Prepare a deep planting hole, up to 2 feet deep. Loosen and improve the soil to allow roots to grow down.

Space peonies 3 to 4 feet apart. They will grow bigger each year, so give them room! Don’t plant too close to trees or shrubs.

How to Plant Peony Roots

It’s easy to plant peony roots in August! Follow these steps:

  1. Dig a hole 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide.
  2. Loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole with a pitchfork or shovel.
  3. Add some compost or fertilizer and mix into soil.
  4. Place the peony root in the hole, eyes pointing up. The pink growth buds will sprout new stems.
  5. Backfill around the root with amended soil. Cover with 1-2 inches of soil.
  6. Water thoroughly until the soil is moist but not soggy.
  7. Mulch around the plant to retain moisture.
  8. Water every few days for the first month while roots establish.

Caring for Peonies

Peonies planted in August just need a little care before winter:

  • Water regularly for the first month after planting.
  • Apply mulch in fall after ground freezes to insulate roots.
  • Prune old stems down to 2-3 inches above ground in fall.
  • In very cold areas, use straw or leaves to protect the crowns.

That’s it! The plants will emerge on their own in spring. Then follow basic peony care like:

  • Water during dry spells, 1-2 inches per week.
  • Apply bloom-boosting fertilizer in spring.
  • Stake tall varieties to support heavy blooms.
  • Prune spent stems after flowering.
  • Divide crowded clumps every 3-5 years.

Best Ever-Blooming Peony Varieties

Many excellent peonies will rebloom in late summer and fall. Here are some great ones to look for:

Coral Charm

Coral-Charm-819x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Coral Charm has semi-double blooms in a unique coral-peach color. The flowers are lightly fragrant too. It blooms in spring, summer, and fall.


Bartzella-819x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Bartzella has huge lemon-yellow, double flowers up to 6-8 inches across! It blooms for an exceptionally long time from spring through fall.


Sorbet-1024x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Sorbet has a fluffy, bomb-like bloom in soft pink with yellow stamens. It flowers heavily in spring, summer and fall.

Red Charm

Red-Charm-819x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Red Charm has very full, saturated red blooms. It reblooms very well, extending the peony season.

Garden Treasure

Garden-Treasure-819x1024 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Garden Treasure is a dwarf variety under 2 feet tall. It has ruffled white blooms with yellow centers. It flowers repeatably into fall.

Double Take

il_570xN.1070482693_9ny7 August is the Perfect Time to Plant Ever-Blooming Peonies

Double Take has extremely double pink blooms, looking like huge pink powder puffs! It flowers again and again from spring to fall.

Enjoy Peonies Blooming in August!

August is the ideal time to get ever-blooming peonies planted for extended beauty. Shop for top reblooming peony varieties like Coral Charm, Bartzella, Sorbet, Red Charm, Garden Treasure and Double Take.

Prepare the soil well and plant the dormant roots in August. Water while they establish roots before winter. Then enjoy gorgeous peony flowers again in late summer and fall!

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