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Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

Garlic is a yummy spice you can grow in your garden. Whether you’re new to gardening or a pro, it’s fun to watch garlic grow. Let’s go through each step together, from planting to picking, using super simple words.

1. Getting the Soil Ready:

shutterstock_319814978 Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

Find a sunny spot in your garden. Make sure the soil is loose and not full of weeds. Garlic likes soil that’s soft and good for growing things. If your soil needs help, add stuff like compost to make it better.

2. Planting Garlic Cloves:

Garlic-all-lined-up-and-ready-to-be-planted.-I-left-the-cloves-i-1024x1024 Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

Fall is the best time to plant garlic, before it gets too cold. Take a garlic bulb and break it into little pieces called cloves. Put each clove in the ground, pointy side up, about 2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart. Cover them with dirt and give them a nice drink of water.

3. Watching it Grow:

With-the-warmer-weather-this-week-the-onions-and-garlic-have-definitely-had-a-growth-spurt-in-are-new-raisebed-1024x768 Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

After you plant the cloves, they’ll start to grow roots and little green shoots. Keep the dirt around them damp but not too wet. Putting some mulch on top helps keep the dirt moist and stops weeds from growing.

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4. Making Bulbs:

As the garlic grows, it will make tall green shoots. These are called scapes. You can use them in cooking, or you can cut them off to help the bulbs grow bigger. Make sure to water the plants if it’s dry outside.

5. Ready to Harvest:

My-little-garden-that-could…-look-at-the-size-of-these-beauties-.613eats-613food-613foodie-613foodies-gardening-growyourown-growyourownfood-garlic-garlicbulbs-1024x1024 Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

Garlic takes about 8-9 months to be ready. When the green shoots turn yellow and dry, it’s time to pick them. Carefully dig up the bulbs, being gentle so you don’t hurt them. Let them sit in a warm, dry spot for a few weeks to get even yummier.

6. Keeping Garlic Fresh:

Garlic-harvest-Video-and-tips-on-my-YouTube-channel.-Link-in-story-highlight-and-bio.-Thank-you-.garlicbulbs-garlicplant-eatwhatyougrow-eatwhatyoulove-pnwgardening-garlicharvest-pnwgardener-pnw-ga-1024x768 Easy Steps to Grow Garlic : From Planting to Harvest

Once your garlic is picked, you need to store it right. Put the cured bulbs in a cool, dry place with lots of air. A pantry or cellar is perfect. Don’t put them in the fridge, or they might start growing too soon.

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Growing garlic is easy and fun. No matter if you’re new to gardening or you’ve done it before, you can grow garlic in your own backyard. Just follow these simple steps, and soon you’ll have tasty garlic to use in all your favorite recipes!

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