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Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

This is the season of shining lights, soft sweaters, sweet treats, and the pleasure of selecting the best presents for your dear ones. However, while living in colder places like Minnesota, this period may be marked by a few live plants around. This is where houseplants come to the rescue. Apart from that, they make your home decor vibrant all year around. Also, you can use them for holiday decorating. In this article, we will highlight some of our favorite red and green leaves plants.

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Red Aglaonema

Red-Aglaonema Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Aglaonema ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Siam Aurora Red’

Aglaonema, commonly referred to as the Chinese evergreen, comes in different varieties such as the green leaves entangled with red, some even having red or pink stems. They do not require much care and so are the best choice for starters of indoor gardening. Click here For How to Care for Aglaonemas

Ficus Elastica Ruby

Ruby-Rubber-Tree Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Ruby Rubber Tree

Ficus elastica ‘Ruby’ or Ruby rubber tree, exhibits a beautiful tricolor of leaves that are green, pink, and red with good indirect light. Ficus elastica can be a bit sensitive and might drop leaves if it’s not happy with its surroundings. To keep it healthy, make sure it gets sufficient light but avoid direct sunlight. Allow the soil to mostly dry out before watering it thoroughly. Once you’ve found the right spot for your Ficus, try not to move it too much because this can also cause it to lose more leaves while adjusting to the new environment.

Dragon Tree

Dracaena-Marginata Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Dracaena Marginata

Instead of the usual Christmas trees, think about decorating your holiday home with a dragon tree. The dragon tree is a tall plant with sword-shaped leaves and reddish-pink highlights. It’s versatile and can be pruned into a tree or a bush. Plus, it makes a great decorative plant for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Croton Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Codiaeum Variegatum ‘Red Iceton,’ ‘Mammy,’ ‘Magnificent,’ and more

Crotons with their striking rainbow-like leafage give you a lot of choices. If you want to make an introduction to a captivating red shade into your decor, look for varieties like ‘Red Iceton,’ ‘Mammy’ or ‘Magnificent’. However, Crotons are a bit picky about growing conditions and may be hard to Accordingly, these plants suit the intermediate indoor gardeners compared to first time indoor gardeners.

Growfully Protip: The fact that crotons can be a bit choosy in terms of the location and growing conditions, especially in places that have especially cold winters. These are the plants we recommend to the intermediate indoor plant parents and never to the beginners.


Peperomia Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Peperomia Rosso, Graveolens, and ‘Schumi Red’

There are more than a thousand types of Peperomia plants, so you’re sure to find one that suits your space. These plants are simple to take care of and are perfect for beginners. Some options like Peperomia Rosso, Peperomia Graveolens, and Peperomia ‘Schumi Red’ have green leaves with a vibrant red underside. Peperomia ‘Schumi Red’ stands out with its deep red and wavy leaves.

Red Earth Star

Cryptanthus-Bivittatus Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Cryptanthus Bivittatus ‘Red Earth Star,’ ‘Starfish Plant,’ or ‘Red Star Bromeliad’

Red earth stars, also known as star plants or redstar bromeliads, are an interesting choice. It needs to be watered from the beginning to keep it thriving. Do not panic if the plant begins to wilt after flowering; This is a natural part of its life cycle. After flowering, red earthworms die back but give birth to new offspring, or baby plants.


Cane-Begonias-and-Rex-Begonias Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Cane Begonias and Rex Begonias

Begonias offer two unique ways to introduce red leafy plants into your home: cane begonias and rex begonias. With dark green leaves and bold burgundy undersides, cane begonias are attractive. Rex Begonias come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, ensuring you find one with red leaves to match your holiday decor. Read more about How to Plant and Grow Begonias Click here…

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Maranta (Prayer Plants)

Maranta Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Maranta Leuconeura Red

The green leaves of the Blood Prayer plant have distinctive red veins. Maranta leuconeura and Red Calathea share similar but less sensitive care requirements when it comes to water and water quality. The leaves of this plant, like Kalathia, are kept upright at night in a “praying position” and open in the morning.

Polka Dot Plant

Hypoestes-Phyllostachya Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Hypoestes Phyllostachya

The polka dot plant is scientifically known as Hypoestes philostachya, aptly named after its brightly colored polka dot leaves. Available in red, yellow, white and pink, this plant is visually appealing and keeps up perfectly when grown indoors.

Anthurium Andraeanum

Clematis-9 Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Flamingo Flower or Painter’s Palette

Also known as the flamingo flower or painter’s palette, Anthurium Andreanum comes in a variety of colors including red. These house plants add a touch of luxury to your holiday decor, giving your space a lift and vibrancy.

Other Red and Green Leaves Plant Ideas (Aroids)

Plants like Syngonium Llani Carto Road, Philodendron Empire Yellow, Philodendron Heart Yellow, Philodendron Emerald Yellow, Philodendron Congo Yellow, and more belong to the Philodendron family. They often have leaves that are a mix of red and green. While these plants can be a bit expensive, they have a wide variety that will make plant lovers happy. You can check out options like Syngonium Llani Carto Road and different Philodendron varieties.

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Holiday Cactus

Holiday-Cactus Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

Thanksgiving Cactus or Christmas Cactus

Holiday cacti can add color to your home during winter. They have yellow flowers, not leaves. These cacti are sometimes called Easter cacti, Thanksgiving cacti, or Christmas cacti because they bloom at different times and have different leaf shapes. If you want flowers during the holiday season, choose Thanksgiving or Christmas cacti when you decorate your home.

And Don’t Forget the Christmas Classics

Christmas-Classics Red and Green leaves Plants to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

In the world of holiday plants, classics like cyclamens and amaryllis rule the stage. Both of these flowers have stunning yellow flowers, and with care, their bulbs can be tricked into flowering every year.

The poinsettia, scientifically known as Euphorbia pulcherrima, is a popular plant. Its red, white, or pink “flowers” are actually colorful leaves called bracts. If you take good care of poinsettias, they can stay healthy all year and make your home look festive during the holidays.

These red and green plants are a great way to add a holiday feel to your home. Whether you want a traditional Christmas look or something more modern and colorful, there are plants on this list that will work for your holiday decorations. These festive plants can brighten up your space and bring the beauty of nature inside during the holiday season.

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