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12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

If you’re looking to add a burst of vibrant, long-lasting color to your containers, baskets, and gardens this season, look no further than calibrachoa. Also known as million bells, these tiny-flowered trailing petunias deliver massive flower power from spring through fall without any breaks!

Calibrachoa comes in a gorgeous rainbow of shades, from bright solids to soft pastels to bold bicolors. With so many amazing varieties available nowadays, it can be overwhelming trying to pick your favorites. That’s why I’ve rounded up 12 of the most stunning calibrachoa cultivars to help make your spring planting decisions a breeze.

Get ready for an explosion of calibrachoa eye candy – you’ll definitely want to make room for a few different million bells in your outdoor containers and beds this year!

Crave Strawberry Star

Crave-Strawberry-Star-1024x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

A bold and beautiful magenta rose bicolor with sunny yellow starburst centers.

Key Details:

  • Vibrant raspberry pink petals with bright yellow star patterns
  • Trailing/mounding habit up to 10 inches tall and wide
  • Extremely free-flowering all season long
  • Sublime in hanging baskets and containers

More Details: I always make sure to include the CraveCaring for Strawberry Star in my summer patio pots. Those big, vivid raspberry pink blooms with the sunshine yellow star patterns pop like crazy! It reblooms effortlessly all season without any breaks until frost. Other colors in the Crave series like Crave Strawberry and Crave Neon are also top-notch.

Lotto Hot Pink

Lotto-Hot-Pink-819x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Electric neon hot pink blooms smother this compact, mounding calibrachoa.

Key Details:

  • Incredibly vibrant neon pink ruffled blooms
  • Dense, mounding habit to 8-10 inches tall and wide
  • Thrives in full sun and heat
  • Excellent for edging or planting en masse

More Details: For in-your-face neon flower power, go with the Lotto Hot Pink calibrachoa. Those vivid pink ruffled blooms are almost too bright! I loved using these as bedding plants to edge my garden borders last summer – they stayed compact, uniform and just blanketed the ground in nonstop pink blooms all season long.

Superbells Pomegranate Punch

Superbells-Pomegranate-Punch-819x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

A luscious bold crimson red bloom with slightly ruffled petals and a semi-trailing habit.

Key Details:

  • Rich pomegranate red double flowers
  • Gently cascading stems to 6-12 inches
  • Exceptional heat and drought tolerance
  • Great for baskets, containers and flower pouches

More Details: I’m a huge fan of the Superbells series and Pomegranate Punch might just be my favorite for its stunning red coloring. The ruffled, fully double blooms are such a luscious crimson shade that you can’t help but be drawn to it. Despite producing so many big, gorgeous flowers, it still manages to handle heat and drought like a champ!

Callie White

Callie-White-1024x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Pure white single flowers adorn this mounding calibrachoa variety with a tidy, uniform habit.

Key Details:

  • Crisp, brilliant white blooms
  • Tidy, mounded shape around 6 inches tall
  • Reliable, non-fading color all season
  • Perfect addition to container recipes or edging

More Details: For a reliable, consistently flowering white calibrachoa, I highly recommend the Callie White variety. The blooms stay crisp and bright white all season without any bluing or fading. Its tidy, rounded shape makes it ideal for container recipes, edging borders, or planting en masse for a sea of pristine white blooms.

Superbells Double Amarillo

Superbells-Double-Amarillo-1024x793 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Buttery soft yellow double flowers shine on this ruffled semi-trailing calibrachoa.

Key Details:

  • Incredibly lush and ruffled, double blooms
  • Beautiful pale butter yellow coloring
  • Slight trailing habit for baskets and pouches
  • Blooms in full sun to partial shade

More Details: For sheer flower opulence, you have to go with the Superbells Double Amarillo calibrachoa! Those delicate, butter yellow fully double ruffled flowers are such a dream. The semi-trailing habit makes it perfect for upright baskets and containers, but it also performs nicely in garden beds or planters.

More Exceptional Calibrachoa Varieties

Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa

Blackberry-Punch-Calibrachoa-1024x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Darkly saturated purple-black with just a hint of pink veining showing through.

Key Details:

  • Incredibly deep purple to black velvet coloring
  • Pink striping and veining adds subtle depth
  • Slightly mounding and trailing up to 8 inches high
  • Outstanding heat and weather tolerance

More Details: For such a dark blossom, the Blackberry Punch calibrachoa really does pack a punch! The deep purple black velvet hues accented by subtle veining and striping are absolutely mesmerizing. It handled the intense heat and drought conditions of summer like a champ without fading or flushing out. I loved it spilling over the sides of my patio containers.

Double Calie Red

Double-Calie-Red-1024x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Lush ruffled double blooms of hot red pour over these compact, mounding plants.

Key Details:

  • Extremely full, ruffled double scarlet red flowers
  • Dense, rounded plant habit to around 6 inches tall
  • Very disease and weather tolerant
  • Magnificent in beds, borders, or containers

More Details: I struggle to put into words how incredibly lush and full the Double Calie Red calibrachoa blooms are! The fully double ruffled flowers are an outrageously bright and bold red that makes your eyes water – in the best way possible. And they quite literally cover every inch of the rounded, mounding plants without fail all season. Talk about a stunner!

Rawed Sugar Calie

Rawed-Sugar-Calie 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Soft yellow brushed with pale pink and peach hues, creating a lovely watercolor wash.

Key Details:

  • Creamy-yellow petals washed with shades of pink and peach
  • Uniform rounded habit 6-8 inches tall
  • Free-flowering and low-maintenance all season
  • Lovely in containers or edging beds and borders

More Details: If you love soft, romantic pastels then you absolutely need the Raweded Sugar Calie in your garden! The palest creamy yellow flowers are brushed with ethereal pink and peachy tones, creating an incredibly romantic antique watercolor effect. These mounding plants hit just 6-8 inches tall or so while pumping out endless streams of their dreamy yellow-blushed blooms.

Even More Amazing Options

Holy Moly Pink Vined

Holy-Moly-Pink-Vined-1024x1024 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Single vibrant magenta blooms with purple veining decorate these trailing wonders.

Key Details:

  • Bold magenta pink blooms with dark purple veining
  • Vigorous trailing and vining habit for baskets or groundcover
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Endless color all season until frost

More Details: When it comes to prolific color for hanging baskets and trailing down walls, the Holy Moly Pink Vined really wowed me with its vigor! The blooms are an eye-catching magenta pink hue with dark purple “veins” running through them for an added burst of contrast. And they are self-cleaning – no deadheading needed for months of non-stop blooms!

Superbells White Double

Superbells-White-Double 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Layers upon layers of crisp pure white ruffled double petals adorn this trailing calibrachoa.

Key Details:

  • Incredibly full double white blooms
  • Gently spilling/trailing habit for baskets and containers
  • Performs well in full sun or morning sun with afternoon shade
  • Flowering machine from spring to frost

More Details: There’s something about fully double, ruffled white flowers that are just so elegant and opulent. And the Superbells White Double calibrachoa is about as lush and indulgent as they come! Each flower is comprised of layer upon layer of soft, velvety pure white petals delicately pinned together. Despite their fullness, these trailing bloomers keep pumping them out all season!

Superbells Double Blue

Superbells-Double-Blue-1024x676 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Unique and captivating, fully double blue petals with rosy purple veining and white centers.

Key Details:

  • Extraordinary double lavender blue flowers with pink veining
  • Features white and yellow center flares
  • Trailing habit but stays nicely branched and upright
  • Full sun to partial sun exposure

More Details: For one of the most unique and intriguing calibrachoa flower forms, check out the Superbells Double Blue! Each lavender blue double bloom is intricate and breathtaking, with layers of petals accented by vibrant rosy purple veining. The centers have little white and yellow flared details adding even more contrast. It trails nicely but never gets too wild or overgrown.

No Garden Is Complete Without Calibrachoa!

Celebration Blueberry Scone

Celebration-Blueberry-Scone 12 Gorgeous Varieties of Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

The name says it all – scrumptious purple-blue shades mixed with splashes of blueberry.

Key Details:

  • Deep purple shades with splashes of blueberry veining/patterning
  • Vigorous, controlled trailing habit for baskets and pouches
  • Continual flowering in full sun to partial shade
  • Excellent choice for cooler summer conditions

More Details: One of the most unique new calibrachoas has to be Celebration Blueberry Scone. Those rich purple and blueberry hued flowers are absolutely intoxicating, especially when massed together in a spilling arrangement. It trails beautifully but in a nicely controlled, manageable way so it won’t outgrow your containers.

With literally hundreds of million bells cultivars to pick from these days, coming in nearly every color, form and size imaginable, it’s never been easier to deck your outdoor living spaces in month after month of vibrant, unstoppable flower power. Whether planting in containers, baskets, raised beds, or garden borders, these calibrachoa superstars are a MUST.

In addition to their sparkling flower displays from spring through fall, million bells plants are extremely low-maintenance. They effortlessly handle heat, drought, humidity, and full sun conditions once established. Plus calibrachoa is self-cleaning, so no deadheading needed to keep new waves of blooms constantly coming! Just add water and enjoy the electrifying color show.

For hanging baskets, pouches or trailing elements, look for calibrachoa with a cascading or vining habit like Superbells Double Amarillo, Holy Moly Pink Vined, or Superbells White Double. Their branches will delicately spill over the edges for lush, flowing flower coverage.

For upright containers, beds, borders, and groundcover areas, stick to mounding and compact growth habits like Double Calie Red, Lotto Hot Pink, or Crave Strawberry Star. Their dense, rounded forms pack maximum flower power into tidy little footprints.

And don’t overlook calibrachoa’s versatility in mixed containers and planter recipes! Their petite blossoms add splashes of brilliant color and perfectly complement larger flowering and foliage plants. I always include a few coordinating million bells in my outdoor potted arrangements.

No matter which vivid shades and flower styles you go with, calibrachoa (million bells) is an absolute must for achieving nonstop floral fireworks from spring through fall. Their unstoppable bloom power, easygoing nature, and dazzling colors and patterns are unmatched! Plant them once and you’ll never want a warm season without these gorgeous flowering superstars again.

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