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Sago Palm Plants : How to Easily Grow and Care

Sago Palm Plants How to Easily Grow and Care

Does the notion of growing a little bit of greenery indoors on your own seem daunting since it appears so complicated?Look no further! In this comprehensive guide we will walk you through simple procedures to how to grow and care for Sago Palm plants no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro gardener.

cycas-revoluta-sago-palm-plant Sago Palm Plants : How to Easily Grow and Care

Sago Palms, scientifically known as Cycas revoluta, are robust and attractive plants that are able to introduce the tropical style and make a room more beautiful. Although they appear to be outside the norms the truth is they are actually very easy to care for making them a perfect choice both for indoor and outdoor areas.

Choosing the Right Location

indoor-plants-sago-palm-6-inch-30560863158464_1024x1024 Sago Palm Plants : How to Easily Grow and Care

Before we get into the details, it will be great if we discuss the location for planting your Sago Palm. These plants are adapted to grow in the environment with bright, indirect light, therefore, choose a location receiving the sunlight in your house or garden which is not directly exposed. Ensure they stay indoors near a window with high-contrast sheer curtains so that the light is filtered.

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Planting Your Sago Palm

The key point is that when it comes to planting your Sentinel Palm, make sure you do so in a potting mix that is well draining. Make sure you use the pot that allows the water to move out of the pot easily and thus, prevent waterlogging. This prevents root rot. Take this into account as Sago Palms best grow in slightly acidic to neutral soil so are not suitable for alkaline soil types.

Watering Routine

tropical-plant-cycas-revoluta-cycadin-600nw-2288163987 Sago Palm Plants : How to Easily Grow and Care
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One of the main points of Sago Palm care is making sure you are watering correctly. These plants are drought-tolerant ie they can tolerate dry condition / they only need to be watered when they get dry. Water your Sago Palm thoroughly, allowing the surplus water to drain away, and then wait until the surface three-inch soil is dry before watering again. If in doubt, let the plants get a little bit dry, because overwatering can become problematic.

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Temperature and Humidity

The Sago Palms grow best in hot and humid environments that make them at home with their original habitats in the tropics and subtropics. They can stand a wide range of temperatures, but the top ideal temperature is above 50°F or 10°C. Furthermore, periodic misting sprayed around plant leaves should be done in order to maintain more humidity. This is usually preferred if you are raising them inside the house.

Fertilizing Routine

Make certain that your Sago Palm stays healthy and beautiful, apply fertilizer regularly, in summer time, e.g. since beginning of spring to mid autumn. Pick a mixed formula slow-release fertilizer tailored for palms and make sure to apply it as per the given instruction on the label. Overfertilizing is undesirable since it might cause nutrient disparities and harm to the plant.

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Pruning and Maintenance

Sago Palms are not demanding in terms of a maintenance, however some pruning is necessary to keep their shape and remove the ferns that have been damaged or died. Use sharp, clean pruning shears to snip away any yellow or brown leaves, cutting them off close to the plant base. Moreover, cutting down any seedlings or new growth around the trunk helps stop over-growth crowding and stunts healthy growth.

Pest and Disease Control

Even though Sago Palm resists most pests, it is not resistant to all of them. Occasionally, scales insects or mealybugs may affected it. Pests may appear during the flowering or fruiting stage, so check your plants and potting mix, you may observe sticky residue or cotton-like patches, and treat them with insecticidal soap or neem oil immediately. Moreover, you might also want to remember to keep the good air circulation around your plants as this partially prevents fungal diseases like root rot.

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You might think the proposition of long-term commitment and the censorship of negative opinions is only relevant to the media. Implementing these easy techniques and principles washes your hands pure and green for long to enjoy the health and also beauty of your home or garden in the years. Please, remember it is all about being very patient and also persistent, so even if your plant doesn’t show spectacular progress from the very beginning, it does not mean you are not doing a great job. Giving it some love and care will definitely see it develop into a very lovely and wonderful adornment of your green area.

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