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The Healing Charm of the Broken Heart Plant

Have you heard about the Broken Heart Plant? It’s not the Chain of Hearts or Rosary Vine; it’s the Monstera deliciosa Philodendron. Let’s explore this special plant with leaves that look like hearts and find out why it’s loved not just for its appearance but also for its healing vibes.

My-new-baby-brokenheartplant-819x1024 The Healing Charm of the Broken Heart Plant

Meet the Broken Heart Plant: A Cool Philodendron

The real Broken Heart Plant scientifically known as Monstera deliciosa. Is famous for its leaves that look like they’ve been ripped into heart shapes.

1. The Awesome Split Leaves

  • The Broken Heart Plant also called the Swiss Cheese Plant. Has leaves with holes and splits that make them look like broken hearts.
  • These cool splits make it stand out and look great as a houseplant.

2. Easy to Take Care Of

  • If you’re not great with plants, no worries! The Broken Heart Plant is tough and can handle different light conditions.
  • You can keep it indoors and it will still grow well, making it a hit among plant lovers.

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Broken-heart-867x1024 The Healing Charm of the Broken Heart Plant

Healing Vibes of the Broken Heart Plant

While it doesn’t have fancy stories like other plants, the Broken Heart Plant is loved for the feelings it brings – growth, change, and a bit of healing.

1. Feel-Good Leaves

  • The broken heart-shaped leaves make people think about healing emotions and growing stronger.
  • As the plant grows and its leaves open up, it’s like a reminder that things can get better.

2. Bringing Nature Indoors

  • Besides looking cool, the Broken Heart Plant also helps clean the air inside your home, making it a healthy and pretty addition.
  • The green leaves give a calming vibe, making your space feel peaceful.

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Tips for Growing Your Broken Heart Plant (Philodendron)

If you want to have your own Broken Heart Plant, here are some simple tips to make sure it grows happy and heart-shaped!

1. Where to Put It

  • Give it some light, but not too much. It’s cool with low light or indirect sunlight.
  • Put it where it won’t get too hot from direct sun rays.

2. Watering and Humidity Help

  • Keep the soil a bit moist but not soaking wet. Make sure the water can drain out to keep the roots happy.
  • The Broken Heart Plant likes humidity, so give it a little mist or use a humidifier if your home is dry.

3. Help It Climb

  • As it grows, you can use a pole or support for it to climb. Trimming it a bit helps it stay bushy and keeps its unique look.

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Benefits of broken heart plant

The Broken Heart Plant has many benefits. Here are some listed below:

Vastu benefits of broken heart plant

It is usually said that the Broken Heart plant must be kept in the southwest direction of your space and surrounding when grown inside the home. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the plant in the southwest direction will not only bring positive aspirations and happiness to your surrounding but will also help your plant to burgeon rapidly.

Medicinal benefits of broken heart plant

Purify your indoor air, eliminate the VOCs and carbon dioxide. Breathe in the gentle calm! Broken heart plants if kept indoors, at office desks, table tops, etc (as they are low maintenance and need little care) will purify your surroundings.
Please note that the Leaves of Broken Heart Plant are said to be toxic if ingested. Keep it away from pets and children.

FAQs: Questions About the Broken Heart Plant (Philodendron)

1. Is it safe for pets?

  • Nope, it’s not safe for pets if they munch on it. Keep it away from furry friends.

2. How fast does it grow?

  • It can grow pretty fast, especially if you take good care of it.

3. Can it live outside?

  • It’s best as an indoor plant, but if you live in a warm place, it might do well outside.

Conclusion: Grow Love with the Broken Heart Plant

So, that’s the Broken Heart Plant – the Philodendron Monstera. It’s not just a cool-looking plant; it brings good vibes and a touch of nature’s magic to your home. Whether you’re a plant expert or just starting, give the Broken Heart Plant a try and see how it transforms your space, one heart-shaped leaf at a time!

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