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Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

So you want some tall trees to boost your yard’s look and increase your property value – but you don’t want to wait decades for them to reach full height? You need trees that can put on serious upward growth in just a few years. Certain evergreen species are known for their blistering growth rates, shooting up like rockets compared to other tree varieties. Let’s look at 9 evergreen trees that can go from little sprouts to soaring skyscrapers in what feels like no time!

Leyland Cypress

Leyland-Cypress-1024x768 Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

If you’re looking for one of the fastest evergreen growers around, put the Leyland cypress at the top of your list. This hybrid between the Monterey cypress and Alaska cedar is a freak of nature when it comes to growth speed. A young Leyland cypress can explode upwards at over 3 feet per year! Within just 10-15 years, these trees can reach skyscraper heights of 60 feet or more. They make an excellent evergreen privacy screen or windbreak. Just be sure to give them enough side-to-side space, as their growth rate goes for width too.

Dawn Redwood

G302-20-1 Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

Despite the name, the Dawn redwood is actually more closely related to redwood sequoia trees than true redwoods. But like their famous cousins, Dawn redwoods can attain staggering heights over their lifetimes. When they’re young, these evergreen conifers grow with shocking vigor – easily packing on 3-5 feet of upward growth annually when happily situated. After 20-30 years, Dawn redwoods can stretch over 100 feet tall with their distinctive conical shapes and fine ferny foliage. Provide them with well-drained soil and room to spread out, and they’ll give you towering evergreen beauty for decades.

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Southern Yellow Pine

If it’s lush evergreen height you want as soon as possible, the Southern yellow pine can’t be beaten. These hardy conifers absolutely inhale growth hormones or something, soaring upwards as much as 4-5 feet per year when young. You’ll have to keep the lowest branches pruned to see out your windows! After just 15-20 years, the rapid-fire upward push begins slowing to a more moderate rate. But by then, your Southern yellow pine could already be tapping on the noggins of passersby at 50-60 feet or more. Talk about giving your yard a majestic look in a matter of years, not decades!

Green Giant Arborvitae

Green-Giant-Arborvitae-820x1024 Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

Here’s another evergreen speed demon that means business when it comes to shooting skyward. The Green Giant arborvitae is an all-star for homeowners seeking fast privacy screens, windbreaks, or just jaw-dropping height in the backyard. Most evergreen owners would be over the moon with 2 feet of growth per year, but the Green Giant routinely rips off 3 feet or MORE of new growth annually when young. After just a decade, it can stand over 30 feet tall! Given a few more years and you’ve got a broad, stately 60-foot evergreen colossus that will turn the neighbors green with envy.

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Eucalyptus Gum Tree

Eucalyptus-Gum-Tree-819x1024 Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

Sure, the Eucalyptus tree family originated in Australia, but they’ve found an enthusiastic new home throughout the warm regions of the US. And it’s no wonder, as these aromatic evergreens are among the speediest trees on the planet! Many gum tree varieties put on a staggering 4-8 feet of upward surge every single year when they’re young. Can you imagine having a 40-foot tree in your yard just 5 years after planting a sapling? That’s the reality with vigorous growers like the shining gum and manna gum eucalyptus trees. Of course, homeowners in cooler northern climates probably shouldn’t push their luck with eucalyptus unless greenhouses are involved.

Italian Cypress

Italian-Cypress Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

If you love the classic elegant look of cypress trees but don’t have decades to wait for them to reach full majestic status, the Italian cypress is your answer. These slender evergreen sentries can skyrocket upwards at a rate of 3 feet per year when newly planted. After just 10 years, they’ll likely stand over 30 feet tall – and their narrow profile means you don’t need tons of extra yard space to accommodate them. Given a little more time, Italian cypresses can eventually exceed 60 feet in height, adding stately beauty and architecture to any landscape. Just be prepared for a landscape dominated by their distinct slim, dark silhouettes casting slender shadows.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern-White-Pine Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

OK, so the Eastern white pine won’t turn into a California redwood any time soon. But for homeowners hoping for stately evergreen height in a hurry, these hardy North American natives are a terrific option. Young Eastern white pines are real go-getters on the growth front, capable of achieving upwards of 2 feet of new height per year. Ample spacing is ideal, as they often grow outward just as vigorously, but their soft evergreen needles and tall stature make them a fantastic “living Christmas tree” option for yards big and small. Just think – with some TLC, that little pine sapling could be towering at 30 feet or more when that new car you bought is ready for the junkyard. Talk about a great investment!

Deodar Cedar

Deodar-Cedar Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

The beautiful Deodar cedar is an evergreen straight out of the Himalayas that’s found a welcome home in backyards across the US. Though its growth rate varies depending on conditions, it can soar up to an incredible 3 feet per year when sited and cared for properly. After just 15-20 years, you could have a broad, dense tower of evergreen foliage reaching for the skies at over 60 feet tall! Deodar cedars are particularly cherished for their staying power, able to survive for centuries once established. Plant one in your yard and you’ve got an evergreen skyscraper for your future grandchildren’s grandchildren to enjoy.

Monterey Cypress

Monterey-Cypress-819x1024 Towering Evergreens in a Hurry : 9 Trees That Grow Like Crazy

Rounding out our list of speedy sky-scraping evergreens is another variety that hails from the Mediterranean region but has found a very warm welcome in Golden State gardens. The Monterey cypress is a towering evergreen best known for its thick, dense growth and relatively rapid rate of reaching premium height. Young specimens can tackle 2-3 feet of upward growth every year when conditions are right. Within just 10-15 years, they can blast past the 30 and even 40-foot marks without breaking a sweat! In addition to the welcome height, Montereys are adored for their slender pyramidal shapes, feathery foliage, and tolerance of seaside locations.

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