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Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Do you wish you could have fresh herbs for cooking right at your fingertips? Forget buying expensive bundles that wilt in days. With just a sunny window, you can easily grow your own herb garden year-round!

Indoor herb gardening is perfect for anyone who loves cooking with fresh flavors, from beginners to expert gardeners. Best of all, many herbs thrive when grown on a bright windowsill with minimal care. Let’s learn all about the top herbs to grow indoors and how to keep them flourishing.

Why Grow Herbs Indoors?

There are lots of great reasons to start an indoor herb garden. Here are just a few:

  1. Fresh Flavor – Using freshly snipped herbs from your own plants gives unbeatable flavor compared to dried herbs or store-bought bunches.
  2. Money Savings – It can get expensive buying fresh herb bunches regularly at the store. A few plants will give you an endless supply.
  3. Cooking Convenience – Having an indoor herb garden right in your kitchen window makes it super easy to snip what you need for recipes.
  4. Decor Boost – Potted herbs add lovely, lush greenery and can brighten up your kitchen space.
  5. Easy Care – Most culinary herbs are easy to care for, even for beginners.
  6. Indoor Gardening – Living in an apartment or cold winter climate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening year-round.

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

While many herbs can potentially be grown indoors, some varieties naturally thrive better than others in the lower light and unique conditions of indoor gardening. Here are some top choices for windowsill herb gardens:


Basil-1024x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Prized for its spicy, sweet flavor in Italian dishes and pesto, basil grows rapidly and produces big harvests. Choose bush or compact columnar varieties which don’t get too tall. Bay, lemon, Thai, or purple basils also make nice choices.


Mint-888x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Known for vigorous growth, mint is almost too easy to grow indoors! Stick to compact varieties like grapefruit, banana, apple, or chocolate mint rather than spreading spearmint. The frequent harvesting of indoor gardening also helps control its rampant spread.


Thyme Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Both regular thyme and lemon thyme are ideal choices for bright indoor gardens. Their low-growing, trailing nature makes them perfect for hanging baskets. Thyme’s light lemon-mint aroma is delightful when gently brushed indoors.


Oregano-1024x1015 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Greek or Italian oregano have robust flavor and are very low-maintenance plants to grow on a windowsill. Their trailing nature allows them to drape beautifully from hanging pots or low planters.


Chives-1024x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

You’ll love using fresh chives to top everything from baked potatoes to eggs. The thin, grass-like hollow leaves also give height to indoor containers. For a pop of purple, choose the pom-pom blooming variety.


Rosemary-1024x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

Sturdy rosemary thrives on neglect, so it won’t mind if you forget waterings occasionally. Look for cold-hardy, compact varieties like Arp or Sprig, as trailing types get too large indoors. Use the stem cuttings in roasted dishes.


Sage-1024x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

The classic Salvia culinary sage has soft, velvety leaves and an earthy, pine-like aroma. It makes a nice upright plant for containers when kept trimmed. Try golden, purple, or even pineapple sage for different flavors.


Parsley-1024x1024 Windowsill Wonders: Best Herbs for Indoor Growing

From soups to salads, parsley brightens up many dishes. Curly leaf parsley makes a lovely indoor plant with its detailed, ruffled foliage. Flat Italian parsley is also easy to grow, with smooth leaves and stronger flavor.

Caring for Indoor Herbs

While specific care needs vary slightly, most herbs appreciate the same general conditions indoors. Follow these guidelines for healthy, productive herbs:

Sunlight: Herbs need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily for best growth. Position pots in south or west facing windows.

Water: Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings, then soak thoroughly. Consistent moisture, not soaking wet or completely dry soil is ideal.

Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix made for containers and vegetables. The fast drainage helps prevent diseases and rot.

Humidity: Insure adequate humidity by misting plants daily or using a pebble tray under pots. Avoid heater or AC vents that can dry them out.

Fertilizer: Apply a half-strength liquid fertilizer every 1-2 weeks during active growth to replace nutrients from frequent harvesting.

Pruning: Frequently pinch or cut back herbs to remove flowering stems and promote branching. This also encourages tasty new growth.

Pot Size: Use small pots, around 6-8 inches wide for individual herb plants. Adjust pot size up as plants grow larger over time.

Temperature: Most herbs thrive in the same 65-75°F temps humans prefer, making them great indoor houseplants.

Tips for Success

Indoor herb gardening is generally very easy, but a few pointers can help maximize your window garden’s growth:

  • Rotate pots regularly to encourage even growth towards the sunlight source.
  • Choose dwarf or compact herb varieties which stay smaller and bushy.
  • Mix edible flowers like nasturtiums or pansies in with your herbs for a splash of color.
  • Check frequently for pests like spider mites, aphids, or fungus gnats, and treat immediately.
  • Harvest regularly to keep plants producing fresh new growth.
  • For larger harvests, grow multiple pots of the same herb.
  • Consider adding a grow light fixture if you have low natural light levels.
  • Snip fresh cuttings for cooking frequently to stimulate new growth.

With just a little care and attention, your indoor windowsill herb garden will thrive and provide you with endless harvests! Enjoy the fresh flavors and beauty of these wonderful herbs right in your kitchen.

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