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Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

There’s something pure and elegant about vines covered in dainty white flowers. White flowering vines add a fresh, airy look to gardens, arbors, fences, and trellises. Their trailing stems and snowy blooms bring a classic, romantic feel wherever they climb.

This guide will highlight some of the most beautiful white flowering vines you can grow. You’ll find pictures to identify each one, plus details on their ideal growing conditions. Get ready to be inspired by all the lovely vining plants adorned with clouds of white blossoms!


Sweet-Autumn-Clematis-819x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

The clematis is arguably the queen of white flowering vines. This prolific bloomer produces masses of large, showy white flowers along its sturdy vines all season long.

Some top white clematis varieties include Sweet Autumn Clematis, Henryi Clematis, Madame Le Coultre, and Duchess of Edinburgh. Most clematis need at least 6 hours of sun, well-draining soil, and a trellis or support to climb. Be sure to plant them with their crowns buried 3-4 inches deep.

Confederate Jasmine

Confederate-Jasmine-1024x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

For a fragrant burst of tiny white flowers, look no further than the Confederate jasmine vine (Trachelospermum jasminoides). Its slender evergreen vines are smothered in pinwheel-shaped white blooms throughout spring and early summer.

This vigorous grower is perfect for covering fences, arbors, and mailboxes. It grows best in full to partial sun with moist, well-draining soil. The flowers give off the most incredible sweet perfume, especially at night.

Moonflower (Tropical white morning-glory)

Ipomoea-alba Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Moonflowers (Ipomoea alba) are close relatives of the morning glory and flaunt huge, saucer-sized white blooms. Unlike morning glories that close by afternoon, moonflowers unfurl their fragrant white trumpets at dusk and remain open all night long.

This annual vine grows rapidly up trellises and arbors during summer’s heat. They can reach 10-15 feet long! Just provide full sun, fertile soil, and regular moisture. Enjoy their sweet evening fragrance on a patio or near open windows.

Potato Vine

Potato-Vine-819x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Looking for a delicate, airy white flowering vine? Meet the humble potato vine (Solanum jasminoides). Don’t let the name fool you – this plant produces masses of dainty white blooms with yellow centers clustered along its twining stems.

Potato vines are easy-to-grow and virtually pest and disease-free. They thrive in full sun to part shade and tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, though fertile, well-draining soil is best. Grow them along fences, trellises, or let them trail from hanging baskets.

White Climbing Rose

White-Climbing-Rose-819x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

For a timeless look, it’s hard to beat white climbing roses trained up a trellis, pergola, or archway. Some lovely white varieties include Iceberg, Sombreuil, White Dawn, and Jeanny Viaud.

White climbing roses need full sun and well-draining, fertile soil. Provide sturdy support like a trellis and prune back canes after blooming to encourage more flowers. The pristine white blossoms have a fresh, delicate beauty draped along structures.

White Bougainvillea

White-Bougainvillea-1024x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Wait, bougainvilleas can have white flowers? You bet! The ‘White Rochette’ and ‘White Carton’ cultivars sport bright white papery bracts surrounding their small white blooms.

These tropical flowering vines thrive in heat and full sun. Grow them in warm climates like Florida or California, or pot them up in containers to overwinter indoors up north. Bougainvilleas require excellent drainage but bloom best when allowed to dry out a bit between waterings.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet-Autumn-Clematis-2-819x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Sweet Autumn clematis (Clematis terniflora) is beloved for its masses of small, incredibly fragrant white flowers that smother the vines each fall. It’s one of the best white vines for seasonal color and scent.

Unlike spring-blooming clematis, sweet autumn clematis vines are incredibly vigorous growers reaching 20-30 feet long in one season! For best blooms, plant them in full sun and prune back the vines in early spring before new growth emerges.

White Mandevilla

White-Mandevilla-822x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

For a lush, tropical look, grow white mandevilla vines up trellises, pergolas, or let them trail from hanging baskets. Their large, 3-4 inch trumpet-shaped white flowers are showstopping!

These tender perennial vines grow up to 20 feet long in a single summer when planted in full sun and fertile, moist soil. Be sure to bring mandevilla plants inside for the winter in cold climates and provide bright light. The flowers last all season long until first frost.

White Wisteria

White-Wisteria-819x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Wisteria is renowned for its cascading clusters of fragrant lilac flowers, but did you know some varieties also bloom in pure white? Look for cultivars like ‘Shiro-Noda’, ‘White Wisteria’, and ‘White Kernel’ for stunning white wisteria blooms.

These vigorous Asian vines require full sun and moist, fertile soil. Provide sturdy support like pergolas, arbors, or stout trellises to hold up their heavy flower clusters. Careful annual pruning is also essential to keep white wisteria shrub-sized instead of monstrous vines.

White Angel’s Trumpet

Brugmansia-828x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

For a showstopping display of huge white trumpet flowers, you need to grow white angel’s trumpet vines (Brugmansia). These stunning tropical bloomers practically glow at night with their massive, fragrant white blossoms dangling all along the vines.

Plant angel’s trumpet vines in a warm, sunny spot with fertile, well-draining soil. They need ample space to stretch out their woody, tree-like vines up to 15 feet long. Shield them from strong winds to prevent flower drop.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing-Hydrangea-1024x1024 Vines With White Flowers: Pictures and Names

Most people think of hydrangea as a shrub, but certain cultivars like ‘Climbing Hydrangea’ and ‘Hydrangea Petiolaris’ have vigorous, self-clinging vines! Their glossy evergreen foliage is covered in large, flat clusters of tiny, fertile white flowers in mid-summer.

Climbing hydrangea vines grow slowly, reaching about 30 feet long over many years. Plant them in part shade with rich, well-drained acidic soil. They naturally cling to walls, trellises, or trees thanks to their aerial rootlets.

White Flowering Vines for Every Garden

From dainty clematis to bold angel’s trumpets, there are so many beautiful white vining flowers to choose from! These white bloomers add elegant beauty and often lovely fragrance wherever you plant them.

White flowering vines are highly versatile, lending themselves to all sorts of garden structures – trellises, pergolas, fences, arbors, walls, containers, and more. Many also make excellent groundcovers when allowed to trail along the ground.

With their pure, crisp white hues, these vining plants look incredibly fresh and clean in garden settings. Whether you want a lush, romantic showpiece or a delicate airy vine, there’s sure to be a white flowering vine to suit your needs.

Just be sure to match your vine up with the ideal sunlight exposure and provide fertile, well-draining soil to encourage lots of snowy blooms all season long. Soon your trellises and garden beds will be graced with trailing clouds of beautiful white flowers!